Chi Psi at Rutgers University is one of 32 Alphas (or Chapters) of the first Social Fraternity, founded on May 20th 1841. Our history, and devotion to brotherhood, defines our experience as Chi Psi’s.

Alpha Rho of Chi Psi has been pledging gentlemen and scholars since 1879. The continuation of the chapter’s ideals relies upon the next set of young men who will be brothers of Alpha Rho. The size of our Alpha lends itself to an extremely close Brotherhood and life-long friendships. The Brothers of Chi Psi take pride in, and support, the diversity of our members: their backgrounds, beliefs, extracurricular involvement and their fields of academic study.

Our Brotherhood strives to excel in all aspects of life, ranging from academics, athletics, leadership, philanthropy and social life. Our recruitment process is geared towards looking for only the best Rutgers University undergraduate men. A Chi Psi gentleman is a man of great integrity, honesty and loyalty. Active men and leaders on campus interested in joining our bonds of brotherhood must have at least a 2.75 GPA in order to receive a bid.

Once a member you are expected to maintain high academic achievement while participating in the Greek community both within and outside of Chi Psi. We cherish the notion of brotherhood and want to see all of us succeed individually and as a whole!